Monday, December 29, 2008

Tweet for Pune!

Imagine you could SMS to everyone. Imagine you could let everyone know there is a traffic jam at the University circle. Imagine you could send out an invite to the tree-planting drive on the Baner Hill. Imagine you could message the world that admissions open for the educational course you have been waiting for. Imagine you message out reports of malaria in your neighborhood or choose to report births, deaths, suspicious activities, new shops, sale offers, rentals….

Imagine as a government agency you message out water closures. Imagine you message out flood alerts, road closures or diversions, bus, train and air departures or arrivals, waste collection notices, new project announcements, vip visits, dates of elections, urls of actionable sites...

That’s like a twitter of birds- hundreds of messages all at once…No wonder that these public messages sent on the internet are called tweets.

Of course you do not want to have thousands of tweets clogging up your life and that’s why tweeters like @pravinnirmal are enabling location specific tweets on pages at the governance wiki. See the tweets at the bottom of this page on the governance wiki. Give it a try. This way you can see the tweets sent by anyone on a location on a page devoted to that location. You can even go edit that page and add your two-cents worth.

You can also signup on tweeter and choose to follow tweeters like myself, Barack Obama or anyone else! By following a tweeter you can see all the tweets the person sends out. Others interested in your tweets may choose to follow you too.

With the White House tweets, the US senate floor tweets, the US house floor and even the US Supreme Courts on twitter tweeting away, should the rest of the world be behind?

Cities in the US have begun tweeting. Look at: San Marcos, Texas, Greensborocity, North Carolina, Killeen, Texas, Round Rock, Texas, McAllen, Texas, Plano, Texas. The Police in Austin, Texas, are using tweets for law and order advisories, notices and quick reassurances.

Can we have our ward officers, the Pune Police, the Pune RTO, the Pune Collector, the PMC, the PCMC, the Cantonment Boards, the MIDC, the PWD, the telecom companies in Pune, the Income Tax commissionerate, the Service tax commissionerate, the Pune University and even the businesses in Pune tweet?

All this is simple and free. Just sign into Twitter and start listening to the whole world- or talking too! Well not exactly the whole world, but to the whole world signed into twitter. If you are a government agency or a business in Pune you may qualify for some help and customization to get your tweets increasing your impact and effectiveness. Just email to request your office to show the way to the rest of India.

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  • Hi, I am Pranav Kulkarni, a journalist with the Indian express newspapers. i kind of liked the idea and would like to know more about the concept so that I could develop this into an article. It would be great if you could drop me a mail on

    By Blogger Pranav R. Kulkarni, at 11:47 PM  

  • How true... Twitter is like a lifer here... though I get a slum of messages sometimes irrelevant , sometimes nasty...

    One point worth remembering here ..Imagine you get a tweet that says "XXX dead" ? Or "XXX Road blocked" or in case of a natural calaminity a hoax call? Yes I am talking about the limitation citizen journalism brings...
    Read this Twitter Fakes

    Another issue with twitter has been the fakism around the twitter platforms ... I recently read that twitter(This is not about twitter itself though) tools have sold the twitter data...

    Yes how easy to have to tweet using ur phone.. wonder what costs????

    Well the pros and cons are there... what I am in favour of with twitter is the Twitter Farm... Yes a farm of tweeters who follow each other and there is a manual/automated way to authenticate the users of the farm... imagine having pune-news farm that auto tweets in response to the messages from followers? Whaoa technology...

    Anyways... keep up the good work Anupam...

    Sameer Shaikh a Puneite

    By Blogger Sameer, at 2:03 AM  

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