Thursday, April 27, 2006


It just takes that little extra to make the ordinary extraordinary!

When life gets thrown at us, a day at a time, we experience the ordinary. It takes a little extra to respond and make the lives of those around us experience the extra-ordinary.

Sometimes, however, life throws at us the extraordinary and it takes that little extra to rise up to the occasion and be extraordinary. Rising up to an unusual event, an unusual request or unusual people.

It is quite surprising how little that extra is; often makes you wonder why the world is not full of things extraordinary! Why do people around us shy from being extraordinary?

When you see the ordinary pedestrian crossing a road or when you keep your commitment to your project, people, agenda or tasks are you ordinary in your response? Or do you put in that little extra that makes you and the response extraordinary? When you visit,, blog at or or your local government’s portal do you experience the extraordinary? What makes apple an extraordinary experience over on PC?

When you talk to a colleague, when you present an extraordinary request to an airline, a bank or your government do you get the ordinary?

If you are an HR professional who searches for talent, are you extraordinary? Can you see the extraordinary? Recognize it? If you are an accountant processing bills are you ordinary? Do you process the extraordinary? As a politician making possibilities happen for your constituency are you just ordinary? Do you feel the difference?

Do you like the world around to you to be ordinary? Respond ordinary? Why bother?

It takes ordinary response to be ordinary. That little extra makes you extra-ordinary.

After all nothing in life is ever mandatory. It is a choice. Your choice.