Thursday, July 20, 2006

Finding God

Belief in god is not about religion or scripture. It is not a belief in a being who is responsible for each action by everyone in the universe. It is not a belief of a master plan that predecided how the world would be. It is not a belief that you can leave everything to god and can sit back and relax. It is not a belief for blame- whenever you need the scapegoat you cannot find- nor one that can forgive your inaction or actions that you may not like to discuss publicly.

God is something that humbles you to the incompleteness of your reason, of your experience. God is something that ties together the bundle of assumptions you use to live your life; brings integrity into your thought and actions. God is something that liberates your spirit to imagine- and to strive to seemingly impossible goals and usually accomplish them. God is something that gives you strength when your experiences have destroyed your ability to reason and act.

God is that which brings character to your being by giving you the strength to do what is right- even when your fragmented reasoning and experience (and perhaps scripture or peer pressure) keeps showing you the easy way in your own "comfort zone". God is that which gives you the courage to take responsibility of your thoughts and acts. God is what pushes you to stretch- and learn- far beyond your own comfort zones. God is all that makes ordinary moments magical by giving inspiration and helping you to find meaning!

May god always be with you!

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