Friday, April 27, 2007

A government wiki for a better world

I've proposed the creation of a government wiki at

Why a government wiki?
The world has formidable numbers to contend with: 6.5 billion people, 1.27 quadrillion Btu energy to be used every day, 130 million cubic meters of water to be delivered every day, 325 billion kilometers of movement of people to be managed every day, 8 million tones of solid wastes to be collected, removed and processed every day, 13 petabytes (1 petabyte is 1,000,000,000,000,000 bytes OR 1015 bytes) of information to be processed every day….

More than 193 countries in the world with dozens of states and thousands of towns and villages. Tens of thousands of governments and hundreds of thousand departments-

That is a massive “control” system to deal with a world on the edge of chaos. It is beyond any well-intentioned government to manage the formidable challenges of our times.

Chaordic (the intersection of chaos and order- see dee Hock or visa )- organizations are organizations with a common purpose and principle- participants take what they like and what works for them. A wiki provides the chaordic framework to help the community to work to common purposes.

This is a wiki to help the community to create a better world.

This wiki will transform the governance space into a live chaordic community- it will encourage discovery of common purpose, learning of best practice, global citizenry and local responsibility.

What will the wiki contain?
This wiki will provide a single point for communities to share purpose, missions and practices for local and global governance.

The wiki will include articles for government departments for different countries, states and towns across the world. It will include information on the constitution, purpose, mission, offices and indicators of performance. It may include a history or timeline of people in office, purpose and focus at the time, rules, laws, and performance indicators.

You should be able to create pages specific to villages, town, state and federal government departments for regions of your interest, including your own town, state or country, on this wiki.

The idea is to get the community to evolve the purpose, mission, document critical issues, performance and create a chaordic model of governance from a "Neutral Point of View" of wiki.

An example
Imagine the community from San Francisco creating a wiki page on the DMV there- its purposes, practices, goals, programs and performance.

Imagine someone in Bangalore or Delhi making a similar page for the Department of Transportation or Road Transport Organization. Perhaps many more across the world have a similar page.

Now imagine the opportunity to connect- create common purposes, evolve best practices. Imagine the opportunity to create global citizenry and local responsibility.

Support the Initiative
Please show your support by adding {{support}} ~~~~ in the comments at section at the site at

Please do invite others across the world who can do the same for their region to join, support and build the wiki and build a better world.

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