Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Questions I would love prospective MP's to answer

On Governance:
# How do you and your party plan to simplify - even down-size - government?
# How will you increase the dignity and participation that the common man may enjoy in governance?
# How will you ensure the independence of different constitutional bodies as well as civil society and the media?
# What criteria will you use to ensure that various posts, positions and committees across government and society are not filled by sycophants, political workers, cronyism, persons with conflict of interest and with interests and agenda contrary to public interest?
# How will you ensure that various PPP arrangements do not privatise democracy or how the various projects do not make the democracy remain “contractor-driven”?

On urgent and important issues
# How will you reform the land records, transactions and ownership?
# How will you protect every water stream, pond, well and river above and below the ground?
# How will you protect the hills, mountains and forests?
# How will you reduce the rate of resource consumption and halt the rate of resource exports from India?
# What measures will you have in place to eliminate pollution of our environment?
# How will you and your party manage inflation, the rising gap between the rich and poor, the powerful and the weak?
# How will you transform education to build citizens for India?
# Will you consolidate the 4000+ Acts in India into a simple framework that is consistent and can be understood by all?
# How will you make justice, dignity, equality and liberty enduring, pervasive and ubiquitous in India?
# How do you and your party desire to contain urbanisation? Do you have a strategy to de-urbanise India?
# Will you support in Parliament the causes of various PILs filed by various NGO’s from Pune? Do you know of these causes? Could you list them?

Do we need to move beyond affidavit information?
On personal outlook
# Can you explain how you and your party identify public interest as distinct from private interest?
# How would you make yourself accessible to your constituents? 
# What is your mission in life? 
# Why and for how long do you propose to hold public office?
# What is your idea of justice, dignity, equality and liberty?
# How will you earn a living and support your lifestyle, particularly after you cease to hold office?
# Do you plan the use of MPLADS to strengthen citizen participation in governance at the local level? How? 
# Will you commit to not use your MPLADS for any infrastructure that the government should anyway be creating, not put banners and plaques of your contributions, inaugurations etc?

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